Product integrity and supply chain management are the cornerstones of our sustainability strategy. For Vijay Diamond there are three facets to integrity, elaborated in the three next chapters. First, integrity means safeguarding a known, ethical and conflict-free provenance of our diamonds. Secondly, we need to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the diamond in all its physical characteristics. And thirdly, we need to ensure that all the steps to bring the finished product to the end consumer have been undertaken with transparent and responsible practices.
Increasingly, businesses in the jewellery supply chain are being questioned about the source and journey of the diamonds, gold and platinum group metals in the products they sell. For a company the size of Vijay Diamond traceability challenges are substantial, as the rough is bought in various locations and is then routed through procurement and sorting offices, before ending on polishing wheels in different factories. Using the most advanced distribution systems, allied with the utmost human vigilance, we monitor every diamond passing through our manufacturing and finishing process, assuring our customers and partners of the integrity of all our stones. Our processes are also independently verified through our membership of the Forever mark programme in several of our operations.
Buying a diamond or a piece of jewellery is all about trust. End consumers have generally limited technical knowledge of the products they are buying and rely on the advice and honesty of sellers throughout the value chain. It is our obligation to guarantee the authenticity of our diamonds and gold jewellery in all their physical characteristics. Product disclosure rests on the quality and veracity of the information that is disclosed to the consumer about the diamonds or gold he purchases.
All the steps to bring the finished product to the end consumer must be undertaken with transparent and respectable practices The fact that we are BPP compliance group enables us to claim that all practices throughout our own operations are conducted in an ethical and responsible way, without any human right abuse or conflict.